Our mission is to make it easy.

From mom-and-pops to large chains and wholesale facilities, we make it easy for employees and owners in the food industry to remain quality conscious and confident in their manufacturing processes so they can focus on their business. 

In the education sector, Recipeasy is an immersive tool that engages students of all skill levels.  From Culinary Arts classes to Life Skills or Transitional Classes, all students can feel success.


How it Works

Enter Recipes

Build out your content (recipes, tasks and skills) into an easy to follow step-by-step process with pictures and video clips directly from your compatible tablet.

Measure Ingredients

When paired with a Bluetooth scale, Recipeasy makes sure ingredients are measured properly.  This inspires self-confidence and helps to achieve consistent quality.

Print Labels

At the conclusion of each recipe, task, or skill, you can print labels.  These may be used for food safety and rotation, staff training and certifications, or student assignment completion.

Secure and scalable digital recipe book

Recipeasy's digital recipe book allows you to have a repository of all your recipes stored in a secure vault. Making a change or adding a recipe? Keeping your entire staff at all your locations on the same page is simply automatic. Staff security a concern? Easily setup recipe permissions at any time.

Make the recipe right, every time - big or small!

Recipeasy’s integration of photos, videos, and connected bluetooth scales in the production process, makes it the perfect tool for new or well-seasoned chefs and bakers to craft precise recipes every time without the need for cumbersome recipe books.

Wholesale and commercial production? With bench and floor scales with capacities up to 2,000 pounds, large batches are handled with care and precision.

Train staff faster and utilize our easy label creation.

No more hand holding or hours of costly onboarding new employees. With visual instructions on every step, Recipeasy ensures accurate recreation for even the newest employees.

Recipeasy also supports label printing. Helping you make sure you have the freshest products and allowing employees to include detailed information to properly label, store, and rotate product.

Recipeasy in Education

Culinary Arts

Recipeasy stations allow students to self-pace through recipes, while video instruction provides training at every step.

Life Skills

Immerse students with cognitive and developmental disabilities into fun, self-paced, self-guided, and live, interactive learning.


Prepare special ed students for transition into the workforce with an occupational training curriculum customized to the needs of your demographic.

Recipeasy Introduction & User Demo

Recipeasy Administration Demo