Recipeasy was born out of necessity to make large, complex, and expensive industrial quality scaling, batching and labeling both affordable and simple for any size business, from the corner mom-and-pop bakery to large multi-location establishments.

Our purpose is to enrich the lives of our customers by making their business easier to manage, less stressful, more economical, and provide confidence that cherished recipes will be followed without fail.

So, what does Recipeasy actually do? Recipeasy is about making your custom recipes easy. Easy to follow and easy to setup. Recipeasy is an iPad-based system that uses Bluetooth digital scales and wireless printers to guide employees through the recipe making process using pictures and video clips at every step along the way, ensuring ingredients are weighed correctly and every detail and every critical step is shown visually without the need for staff to read cumbersome instructions. Labels can be printed and attached to prep recipes for accountability and shelf life information.

The development of Recipeasy was based on the principle of simplicity and scalability. This common principle applied to every facet of setup and use. For the head manager, recipes are easily entered leveraging the power and simplicity of an iPad and all its picture and video taking prowess. For the employee, we break barriers. Navigating Recipeasy is just intuitive. No special menus to dig around or buried features. Everything is graphically represented and right were your staff expects it. Running a recipe requires little to no training for anyone who can simply watch a screen as videos and pictures guide them through complex processes, or watch a digital weight meter as they weigh out ingredients to your predefined level of accuracy, or listening for an alarm for any step that needs to be timed. Gone are recipe cards or books that do nothing to assure you that your recipes are being made correctly.

Recipeasy balances powerful scalability with ease of use. A mom-and-pop can just start using it after keying in their first recipe. As they add more and more recipes they can categorize their recipes as well. As their staff grows and security and accountability become a concern, they can add users and groups and assign recipes to only those who should have access. When they open their 2ndor 1,000thlocation, they will be able to administer the entire system with a single iPad and have those changes flow to all their locations without an additional thought. It’s the power when you need it and it doesn’t get in your way when you don’t.